Sunday, November 11, 2007

Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk

After the red-tailed fox visited yesterday morning, the other red-tailed, the hawk that is, paid a visit. (as always, click on the photo to get a closer look.)
Specifically, this is a red-tailed hawk, light form, juvenile. He lacks the dramatic red tail of an adult.
The cry of the red-tailed hawk is so distinctive (from other hawks and the blue jays) that I knew one was visiting even while sitting in the house and in front of the computer.
The Cornell Ornithology site says, "The raspy cry of the Red-tailed Hawk is used in movies to represent any eagle or hawk anywhere in the world." Visit their site to find a link where you can hear the red-tailed hawk cry.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Red-Tailed Fox Relaxing, Hunting, Scratching, and Stretching

It was a classic, cold, gray, and damp November morning in the Colvin Run Habitat. The red-tailed fox, who had visited several mornings this week, arrived and promptly laid down in the grass for a nap.
When no squirrels arrived, this young fox became increasingly interested in the mourning doves eating sunflower seeds off of the ground. Finally, the fox made his run, only to have the doves fly away (note the dove in flight in the second photo).
He paused for a photo and allowed me to confirm his good health.
Then, still enjoying the slow Saturday morning, sat down to scratch behind his ear.
Then with undulating movement, he stretched his back and leg muscles before before beginning his departure trot.