Monday, June 30, 2008

New Eastern Bluebird Chicks Arrive

The Eastern Bluebird chicks from this spring's first brood left the nest about 4 weeks ago. As the parents will not reuse a nest, I cleaned out the nest from the nesting box. The parents quickly built a new nest, then laid and incubated the second brood. And, here they are.
These bluebird chicks are no less than 12 and no more than 36 hours old. The two photos show four hatched chicks; all are alive as each has moved position from one photo to the next. There is one remaining and apparently unhatched egg. These new bluebirds will leave the nest in about 2 1/2 weeks.
These photos and the ones of the first brood this year were taken with the nest removed from the nesting box. I check the box, but do not remove the nest, about every two days. Any parent in the box will fly out when I am about 5 feet from the box. The male will incubate the eggs during the day. When I remove the nest, I use a large spatula to support the bottom of the nest. Camera at the ready, it is a two person exercise. I return the nest within 30 seconds. The nest of grass returns easily to the box. I remove the nest for photos no more that twice per brood. The parents quickly return to feed and care for the chicks.

Many thanks to Maegan and Ashley from the Walden Glen Road Habitat (home of Sneaky the Raccoon) in Madison County, Alabama, for their help in the photographing of these new born chicks.
Madison, AL

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rascal Update

Back in September, I introduced you to Rascal - a male lab-boxer mix - adopted from the rescue center. Today, someone asked how he made out. So here is Rascal in September...
...and here is Rascal 4 months later...
...and here he is just another 2 months later.
As you might imagine, Rascal needs - or is that demands - lots of exercise each day. His favorite place is Fort Woof - a Ft Worth, Texas, dog park.

Rascal's owners are getting married this weekend, but he did not make the trip to Northern Virginia. His cousin and famous squirrel chaser, LuLu, however, did make the trip back home. Lu is still chasing squirrels.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Fawn Sighting of 2008

Three weekend ago, one of the does brought a new fawn for its first visit to the Colvin Run Habitat. This is about three weeks earlier than the 2007 first fawn sighting.
Mom kept a close eye on me; I gave ample space. The fawn stayed literally within a touch of mom.
Neither have been observed since. Previous fawn postings are here.