Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sparrow Chicks – In the Wreath, On the Door, Deep in the Heart of Texas

Small birds – sparrows, wrens, and even starlings – are well known for building nests nearly anywhere.
My son-in-law (reporting from Frisco, Texas) provides these photos of a sparrow’s nest, complete with hatched chicks. The location? The sparrow parents tucked their nest behind a wreath hanging on the front door.
Perhaps the good news is that these are sparrows and not mockingbirds. Mockingbird parents would be dive bombing any guests careless enough to come and knock on the front door.
Now, if my daughter (Mrs. Comstock, the kindergarten teacher at Etheridge Elementary School) can only keep Peanut the Cat from opening the front door.

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  1. Texas Son-in-Law and Daughter1:33 PM

    They’re gone. We opened the door, forgetting their presence, and all four apparently flew away. They have not returned.