Friday, October 10, 2008

Bluebird Chicks at Three Weeks

Friends of the Colvin Run Habitat - Since early July, duties at the office have prevented me from spending time writing. But, I have photos to share about an exciting summer at the Colvin Run Habitat. Over the next few weeks, you'll see the wonders of raccoons, hummingbirds (who are now gone for the season), the Cooper's Hawk (who arrived for the winter as the hummers left), a gator (seen in the wild on a 4-day vacation), and our resident deer (now nearly a herd) and other birds.

The true joy and thrill of the spring was two broods Eastern Bluebirds. When we last published the second set of chicks had been in the nest about a week (picture above). A week after that photo, the chicks and their parents had left the nest and were then seldom seen. The photo below is one of the chicks about 4 weeks out of the nest. The photo is poor quality as it was taken at sundown with a flash. None of the bluebirds have been seen since late-August.

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