Friday, January 30, 2009

White-tailed Deer Herd

They now come as a herd of at least eight. Yes, these photos show only six, but out of camera width are another two. If you get too close, one of the mothers will raise her head and stare you down. With so little vegetation left and this week's snow on the ground, they eat any seed on the ground. They also will bump the feeder to put more seed on the ground. I have to work hard to get them to leave - which I must do as they consumer large amounts of seed and water that I put out for the birds.
Of the eight, three are the mother who delivered twins last spring (we lost the male father in late fall) and two are the mother and her single fawn from last spring. No idea where the herd picked up the last three in the herd of eight. Now, last spring's fawns are the same size as mom.

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