Monday, March 15, 2010

Blizzards of 2010: Bird Count in the Storm

So here is the answer to the quiz in the last post.  If you need a closer view, just click on the photo.  Here are the birds clockwise starting in the upper left corner:

  1. Two starlings on a tree branch
  2. One red-shouldered hawk.  This hawk perches often on that branch with his back to the birds at the feeder.
  3. Two cardinals at the sunflower seed feeder
  4. One downy woodpecker at the suet feeder under the cardinals
  5. One starling at the large suet feeder
  6. One starling perched at the pole top
  7. One cardinal at the suet feeder - yes you can hardly see this one
Interesting observation: the birds ate an inch of seed for every inch of snow that fell - refilling the feeder was tough with the snow above the knees.

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