Friday, May 20, 2011

Cedar Waxwings

I continue to get response from readers - in Texas, Florida, Virginia, and other states - about their Cedar Waxwings sightings.
Since my February 2008 sighting in the Habitat, I have seen none of their beautiful birds.
In early April 2011 - springtime in the mid-Atlantic states - a colleague of mine captured these photos while walking.  Actually, she was walking, saw the waxwings, went home and got her camera, and returned to this tree where the birds were patiently waiting.  What luck!

These are three great photos.  Thanks for sharing!
I will post other bird photos from her.

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  1. Gil, we've had sizable flocks of cedar waxwings on our property in early Spring, two of the four years we've been here. They come through and eat the berries off the juniper trees, one tree at a time. They seem to be here for a week or two, and then they are gone. So, unless you are looking for them, you might miss them. I did not notice them this year. No pictures though, sorry.