Friday, September 29, 2006

Black Snake Donates Skin

Each summer, less than a half dozen snakes visit the Habitat. This year, only two were seen. The first was this black rat snake, by far the most common snake that visits.
This guy was far more interested in getting into my garage than visiting the Habitat, but eventually I prevailed.
Two days later, I found this skin - complete from eyes to tail - clearly from a black snake. Given the size and timing, I am guessing the skin belonged to the black snake that visited two days earlier. The rough mulch provided an excellent snag allowing the snake to leave the old skin behind.
I mounted the skin in a framed set of zoo snake photos. To the delight of many young nature lovers, the framed skin toured preschool and kindergarten classes in Virginia and Texas. The skin now resides with a six-year old snake lover in Frisco, Texas. Posted by Picasa

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