Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Young Red-Tailed Fox Returns

Look who paid a visit to the Colvin Run Habitat this morning. This young fox made his second visit to the Habitat; he first visited on August 30.
When first observed, this fox was laying on the grass in a open part of the lawn and mulched garden area. He was extremely comfortable; at one point he nearly dozed off.
At one point, something caught his attention. As the next door neighbor's dog was not out, I am guessing that the fox heard a squirrel. Given his height and the height of the shrubs, I do not belief he saw anything. In response, the fox stood up, then sat on his back legs. He then jogged through the shrubs and bounced up onto a stone bench (see last photo which does not really show the fox's face or the bench). This is not the first fox to perch on this bench to get a view above the shrubs.
As can be seen from these photos, the fox appears healthy with clear eyes, a full coat and tail, and great color. This is the smallest of the foxes that have ever visited the Habitat. This youngster stayed four minutes, then exited exactly as he did on his last visit.

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  1. Lesley10:27 AM

    In the first picture it looks like he is looking straight at you! I really like him. I wonder how old he is, since he doesn't look full-grown yet.