Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Hawk: Take My Picture Too!

About 2 hours after the excitement of his victory over the squirrel, the fox returned to just look around from his normal seat in the brush. Of course, I took up position in the upstairs window and began taking photos.

When all of a sudden, this hawk lands in the dogwood tree which is located about 10 feet below me.
Perhaps the hawk was jealous of all the morning attention to the fox? Perhaps the hawk wanted to get into the Habitat Christmas photos? Anyway, he stayed about 3 minutes – looking around and changing positions – then flew away.

Seriously, I will have to double check my research to make sure I have this hawk identified correctly. I assume that he is the one that appeared now in three of the last four mornings. He was at least crow-sized, perhaps a bit larger. His back appears, on first look, to be too brown to be the Cooper's Hawk that visited a while back .

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  1. Your place seems to be a very lively one, with a lot of drama. I like the pictures :-) I wish you a happy new year, with birds sitting still long enough for you to take more beautiful pictures of them :-)