Sunday, December 24, 2006

Unsettled Mornings

The last two mornings at the bird feeders have been quite unsettling if you are a normal small bird feeder. The reason? This hawk has taken up a perch in the tall oaks overlooking the Habitat on the north side.

Yesterday, morning the crows eventually encouraged him to leave. As a result, I have confirmation that he is crow-sized, which will, I believe, confirm that he is a Cooper's Hawk. Additionally, this visitor had a relatively long tail, a trait of the Cooper's and Sharp-Shinned Hawks (that former crow-sized, the later jay-sized).

I find that the hawks are easily moved, regardless of how high they are in the trees (they were at least 50' up in the trees yesterday and today). The telltale sign that the hawk is perched in the Habitat is that all of the smaller, song birds, and even the squirrels, are nowhere to be seen. As soon as the hawk leaves, they come out and continue to feed.

Eventually, I will get a raptor-expert to confirm the various types of hawks that have been observed in the Habitat. Posted by Picasa

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