Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fox Licks Chops, But Squirrel Escapes

After the deer strolled through this morning, the ritual of squirrel-turns-back-on-fox, fox-chases-squirrel-up-tree, fox-catches-squirrel or not, unfolded yet again. This morning, the fox did not catch the squirrel. But, I thought that I would show you some photos of the fox nevertheless.
In the first photo, the fox, who has chased the squirrel up the tree and licking his chops, seems to be just a bit too eager for breakfast.

In the second photo, like the mother deer earlier this morning, the fox always keeps a watchful eye one me taking photos.

In the third photo, the fox continues to keep a sharp eye on the squirrel who remains 10 feet above him in the tree.

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