Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year’s Day Competition – - Squirrels: 6, Fox: 0

In their own version of the New Year’s Day football bowl games, the fox and squirrels locked in epic competition this day. As he had done in the last few days, the fox arrived in the Habitat shortly after sunrise. Over the next five hours, he had six runs – or attempts – to grab a squirrel. He was unsuccessful each and every time. And each time, he would be back in his starting point in the brush within five minutes of his failed attempt.

Yesterday was a rainy, overcast day, so the appearance of the fox was a bit unusual – he typically is not observed when it rains.

His runs at the squirrels became so routine during the day, that I stopped taking photos. He was still at his position in the brush when we left to take my older son to the train station. On one occasion, he stood at near the birdfeeder and looked around as if to say, “What am I doing wrong?”

The fox showed up again this morning shortly after sunrise. I saw him make no runs. But, I suspect that he was successful this morning as he is no longer at his normal position. I am guessing he grabbed a squirrel and went off to enjoy breakfast.

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