Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Pair of Hawks in the Snow

Every once in a while, you get a day of surprises. Last Sunday was one such day. It started with the first snow of the winter season (yes, we have had a very warm winter and a mid-January first snow is a surprise). While the snow was light and we only received a dusting, photographing the male cardinal in the snow was a delight.
The surprises continued when I noticed this large hawk in the Habitat oak tree with his back to the other birds. The surprise was the presence of this hawk while the birds were still feeding (not to mention that I had really not noticed him perched there bigger than life).
However, it was only he flew away (third photo) that I noticed that it was a pair of hawks! Talk about a surprise – a pair of hawks! I did not get a photo of the pair flying, but they soon perched in a more distance sycamore tree where I got the last photo.
More on the type of hawk in the next post.

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