Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Fox - Is He Limping?

One morning last week and one day after observing the fox, I saw fresh fox road kill on the four lane highway that is nearby. Given the clear size and good health of that fox, I became concerned that he might be the Habitat’s signature fox. With every passing day, Dot and I became increasingly concerned about ‘our’ fox. Finally, a week later he showed up, napping in the winter sun, and chasing squirrels.
This morning he was observed twice making runs at the squirrels (both unsuccessful). His coat and general conditions appears to be great. However, we believe that he was limping – noticed only when he would walk back to his place in the brush. We’ll keep you posted on his condition.

The first two photos show the fox visually fixed on one of the squirrels as he made a run. The last photo is the fox patiently coming out of the brush, waiting for the right moment to charge the squirrels. This day, the fox was unsuccessful.

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