Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday Morning with the Fox

Sunday morning was wet, cold, and overcast and found the red-tailed fox stalking squirrels again. He made two observed runs and on both occasions had no success.
As it is very hard to really observe the action through the camera viewfinder, I had assumed that I had the typical photos of the fox running through the Habitat. I was wrong. As you can see, I have two photos shot from behind the fox (in computer games this would be called the first-person shooter view). The squirrel was so close but beyond reach. In the first photo, the squirrel is that gray blur just above (in the photo) the tip of the fox’s tail.
In the second photo, the squirrel has reached the oak tree prior to be snagged.
In the last photo, the fox, aware that there were two squirrels in his sights, immediately looks for the other possible prey.

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