Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Gray Squirrels

The squirrels enjoy drinking water at the bird bath or at the water fountain.
As we all know, the squirrels are themselves a favorite food source of the red-tailed fox that lives in the Colvin Run Habitat.

Many of the buried nuts that are not retrieved later germinate. The Habitat is full of many oak trees thanks to these little gray arborists.
As seen in the third photo, many Habitat squirrels live and den (that is, have their young) in leaf nests high up in mature trees. Males and females build winter and summer nests.
The eastern gray squirrel mate and then give birth twice a year – in early spring and later summer. You can often see squirrels performing a mating "chase" where the male or males following a female as she moves about during the day.

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