Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More New Year’s Day Competition – Songbirds: 2, Hawk: 0

The fox was not the only predator hunting on New Year’s Day. Like the fox, this Cooper’s Hawk was observed twice swooping through and attempting to grab one of the smaller songbirds.

Also, like the fox, the hawk was unsuccessful on each and every attempt. After each attempt, the hawk perched in the dogwood tree for about a minute.

On his second visit, he went from the dogwood and perched on the top of the birdfeeder, as if to declare his dominance of the area. However, the reality of New Year’s Day is that both the fox and the hawk hunted in the Colvin Run Habitat without success.

This afternoon, I saw this hawk fly through the Habitat at about 8 feet off of the ground, through a group of maple trees, and then continue flying at tree top level fro the next 1/4 mile. I suspect that this hawk flies through once or twice a day. Too bad I do not get to see it each time.

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