Friday, March 23, 2007

Colvin Run Habitat Photo Archive

Interested in finding a favorite photo in the Colvin Run Habitat Blog? Look no further than the right-side column and click on this photo of the Colvin Run Habitat signature red-tailed fox and other friends. When you click on the fox and his friends, you'll be taken to Google's Picasa Web Albums where you will find all of the photos published since December 6, 2006. The earlier photos will be added soon. Just another feature to help you find photos and information within the Colvin Run Habitat Blog.
A quick update on this fox. As mentioned previously, he has been observed nearly once a week since Christmas. Except that he has not been seen for the last two weeks. Although, this is the den-ing season for the red-tailed fox. They mate during the winter, then begin creating a den (many times an old woodchuck burrow), and then birth the kits about 54 days later. Not exactly sure what the male's role is in creating the den, but he does provide food for the female who does not leave the den until the kits are ready to leave the den. And, the male does help raise the kits until they are ready to go on their own - typically 7 months after birth. So, perhaps our fox is off helping to prepare the den. Or, perhaps our male is actually a female.

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