Friday, March 02, 2007

Downy Woodpecker - Plays Hide and Seek

With temperatures in the 60s, there was the hope of spring this afternoon in the Colvin Run Habitat. I took the camera and headed out to see which of the birds would come to the feeders with me a few feet away.
This male downy woodpecker first came to the dogwood tree, then to one of the suet feeders. He took hold on the other side of the suet feeder, where I could not see him and he could not see me. Of course, he still understood where I was. So, every ten seconds or so, he would peek around the side of the feeder. He played this game of hide and seek for about a minute, then went his way.
I find that the downy woodpeckers are usually the first to come by when I stand out in the Habitat.

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