Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Habitat Gray Squirrel to Compete in Olympics

Based on his talents in the broad jump, one of the Colvin Run Habitat clearly will compete in the next Olympics. Let me explain. Squirrels are notorious for find clever ways to get to bird feeders, even though they have an abundant amount of seed available on the ground. With two bird feeders attached to the porch windows, I noticed a week ago that one of the squirrels was attempting to walk the one inch ledge to get to the feeders. Of course, the squirrel eventually would fall off. Until this one discovered the broad jump.
This guy would get on to the rail to the porch steps, then from a standing-still position jump the 5 feet distance to the feeder. He would bounce off of the windows – with a very loud thump – and then hang onto the feeder for dear life. Once in a stable position, he would feast on the shelled sunflower seeds. He would only leave when I tapped on the windows. I relocated the feeder; stay tuned to see if he finds an alternative path.

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