Saturday, May 19, 2007

Colvin Run Habitat Red Tailed Fox Returns

In his (her???) first appearance since March 25, the signature Colvin Run Habitat Red Tailed Fox returned this morning. He was announced with the loud calls of numerous crows. Although thinner, the coat looks full and in good condition.
I assume that this is the same fox as he takes up the exact same spot in the brush - where he lays in the sun and observes the birds and squirrels one and under the bird feeder.

I mention 'her' above in that this is about the time that the female might be leaving the den for the first time since birthing the pups. I'll compare with last year's timing.

Additional Information: I am having considerable trouble posting photos on the blog - appears to be a problem with Google blog service. That is why the number of blog entires is down for May. Please be patience as I continue to work the problem.