Sunday, May 20, 2007

Red-Tailed Fox Returns Again This Morning

For the second day in a row, the red-tailed fox returned this morning. He was first observed in his normal relaxation perch in the brush, then made a run at the squirrels. The fox chased one of the squirrels past, around, and through the Hellera Holly bush. The squirrel being chased lost the fox when he came out of the bush and immediately went back in. The fox either lost interest, energy, or perhaps the fox did not see the squirrel turn and re-enter the bush.
It had rained overnight so the fox's coat was wet from laying in the brush and running through the wet holly bush. Assuming this is the same fox (which I think is very reasonable given his behavior of the last two days), then he appears only a bit thinner than when we saw him last on March 25 (55 days ago). The first two photos are from this morning; the third photo was taken March 24.