Sunday, May 27, 2007

Young White-Tailed Deer Traveling Without Mom - Sprouting Antlers

In our last post about the white-tailed deer, the doe (mom) and the two young ones (now a full year old) were still together. This week, the two young deer were observed in the Colvin Run Habitat alone. Now it is always possible that the doe was present but just not seen, as the foliage in the Habitat is full.

These two photos showed the larger of the two young deer. They are so used to me photographing them that they do not even put up their white tails - the normal alarm sign. The last post showed that they had survived the winter well - displaying good coats and full bodies. The first photo shows a clearly thinner deer.
The second photos shows the black velvet nubs that will by fall be a rack of antlers.

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