Sunday, August 05, 2007

More Fawns

Mother and Fawns Return for a Drink

This year's two fawns and their mother returned last week for a quick bite from the flower pots and a drink of water from the tub.
The smaller of the two fawns seemed far more interested in a drink from mom.

Mother and Fawns Return for Breakfast
The two fawns again returned (always with mom) less than an hour after sunrise this morning for a little breakfast of what was left in the flower pots. Mom even did a little face washing of one of the young.
Mom is increasingly willing to walk away from the fawns; they are increasingly willing to follow at a distance.
Regardless of the distance between mom and the fawns, she is always watching. Mom is clearly walking gently on an injured back leg or hip.
From these photos, you can clearly see the size difference of the two fawns - we saw this same difference last summer.
These two fawns are not the only fawns in the immediate area of the Colvin Run Habitat. This evening we saw two other fawns less than a mile from the immediate Habitat which were smaller than the smaller of the two pictured here.

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