Thursday, August 16, 2007

Overrun by White-tailed Deer and Texas Longhorns

No doubt that the white-tailed deer population is overrunning the Colvin Run Habitat. At dawn and dusk each day, this year's fawns and their mother, now joined what I believe are last year's two fawns, come through the Habitat for a drink and meal of fresh green trees, shrubs, and any remaining flowers. On the front street, you are equally likely to find at least another family of deer as well.
But, our problems are nothing compared to the people in the City of Southlake, Tarrant County, Texas, who are being overrun by stampeding longhorns. The only thing is the Southlake Longhorns are of the City's own making.
To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Southlake is hosting a public art exhibit featuring these Southlake Stampede Longhorns. These longhorns can be seen at the Southlake Town Square (located on Southlake Blvd, off of Highway 114). Grab some Piccomolo Italian Ice Cream and walk the town square to see the longhorns. Better yet, grab some Frappuccino at the Starbucks and use their wifi net to access the Colvin Run Habitat Blog.
While all of the longhorn art are sensational, my favorite is Darth Mooder (last photo) by artist Christina Keith sponsored by Philip Wise.
From the Colvin Run Habitat, to the people of Southlake, Happy Anniversary and keep all of those green spaces green.

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