Friday, November 17, 2006

First Time Visitor to the Habitat

This morning was the first time in a week that we have had clear, sunny skies. Also, the rain and wind of the last week have clear nearly all of the leaves out of the trees. The result? All of a sudden, you can see birds that were difficult to see previously.

Nevertheless, it was a real surprise to see, not one, but a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers on the trunks of the maple and pine trees early this morning. The pileated woodpecker, a shy and difficult to observe even though he is crow-sized, can sometimes be seen deep in the woods adjacent to the Habitat, but this is the first time that one (or a pair) has been seen in the immediate backyard area.

They arrived very early, so I was barely dressed when I grabbed the camera and headed outside. I saw the pair, but it was only after I downloaded the photos that I realized that I had photographed both. Sorry, that I was unable to get them in flight as they are quite beautiful in flight.

Now, if we can only attract them to the feeders.
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