Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fox Follow-up

Okay, someone asked for a closer view of the fox marking (that is, the fox urinating after his recent squirrel hunt). Here are three closer views of the fox marking. Remember that every time I make your view closer, the photo loses resolution. So, the closer look means a poorer quality photo. The first is simply the closer view. The second is the exact same view with increased contrast to further highlight the urine stream. And for those of you still having trouble seeing the stream, in the third photo I have drawn a dotted line parallel and to the right of the fox’s stream. In addition to the stream, you should be able to see that this is clearly a male fox.

For those wondering what happened the next day, well, the fox showed back up in his observation seat at the edge of the brush. While he normally lays low from this position, on this occasion he simple sat there like a dog - head up and sitting on his back legs. Posted by Picasa

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