Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cooper's Hawks Visit Together

Multiple, simultaneous hawks are beginning to be more common in the Colvin Run Habitat. An immature Cooper's hawk returned today (first photo). He perched about 20 feet off the ground for about 15 minutes then left.
A mature Cooper's hawk perched about 40 feet up in one of the oak trees. He showed no interest any of the smaller songbirds. The mature Cooper's hawk was content to just watch what was going on; he stayed perched in the same place for over an hour. I got the third photo as he left.


  1. steveinwoods3:12 PM

    Those perched photos sure look like a Sharpie...?!

  2. My rule of thumb has always been a Sharpie is jay-sized, while a Coop is crow-sized. The hawks in this posting were crow-sized. But I am open to other thoughts and insights.

    My observations of Sharpies are at

    Thanks for the comment posting.