Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow in the Colvin Run Habitat

Snow fell today in the Colvin Run Habitat creating a barrier between the birds and their natural food. As a result, many different types of birds visited the feeders all day long – northern cardinals, starlings, finches, goldfinches, a variety of sparrows, juncos, mockingbirds, blue jays, tufted titmice, chickadees and downy, hairy, and red-bellied woodpeckers.
Here are the more peaceful photos of the birds in the snow – a male and female cardinals, a female downy woodpecker, and a dark-eyed junco.
It was also a day of surprises. First, while coming around the hose to fill the seed feeders, I case face to face with the fox who was in his normal brush observation location. Both of us were equally surprised. As I backed up, he turned around and disappeared into the bush. After he left, I confirmed with his tracks in the snow that he had been chasing squirrels earlier. (No photo of the fox). Second, six red-winged blackbirds visited; one even visited the window-mounted feeder. The red -winged blackbird is a rare visitor; I do not recall ever seeing one in the winter snow. (Got photos of the red-winged blackbirds, but poor quality). Third, when adding water to the birdbath (the starlings constantly bath and splash the water out), I saw the red-shouldered hawk up in one of the oak trees. As I began to photograph him, he flew away. (Got photos of the red-shouldered hawk in flight, but poor quality).
I’ll post some of these ‘surprise’ photos, but thought you might enjoy just the snow fall for now.

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