Friday, February 09, 2007

Looking Back - Readers from 85 Cities in 27 Countries on 6 Continents

I started the Colvin Run Habitat Blog on September 9, 2006, and began counting visitors one month later when it began clear that some people were actually stopping by to look at the photos. Four months and 101 postings later, 487 unique visitors from 86 cities, in 27 countries, on 6 continents stopped by and read 1230 pages. What a global community that now reads about the Colvin Run Habitat. To all of you readers, many thanks. To all who have posted the Colvin Run Habitat Blog on your blog, a special thanks.
I simply could not resist plotting the number of visitors over the last four months. To see a map of reader locations worldwide, click on the map below the counter at the bottom of the right hand column. When you get to the next page, click on 'show smaller dots', then click on any continent for more detail. The specific cities are listed below.

In North America:
>Nunalla, Manitoba, Canada (on the Hudson Bay)
>Tampico, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
>In the United States:
--Phoenix, Arizona
--Tucson, Arizona
--Bakersfield, California
--Los Angeles, California
--Murrieta, California
--Riverside, California
--San Diego, California
--San Francisco, California
--Ft. Collins, Colorado
--Stamford, Connecticut
--Washington, D.C.
--Tampa, Florida
--Atlanta, Georgia
--Marietta, Georgia
--Boise, Idaho
--Chicago, Illinois
--Joliet, Illinois
--Wichita, Kansas
--Baltimore, Maryland
--Boston, Massachusetts
--Lexington, Massachusetts
--Detroit, Michigan
--Minneapolis, Minnesota
--St. Paul, Minnesota
--Springfield, Missouri
--Newark, New Jersey
--Albuquerque, New Mexico
--Binghamton, New York
--Brooklyn, New York
--Elmira, New York
--New York, New York
--Rochester, New York
--Durham, North Carolina
--Fayetteville, North Carolina
--Raleigh, North Carolina
--Columbus, Ohio
--Toledo, Ohio
--Tulsa, Oklahoma
--Portland, Oregon
--Allentown, Pennsylvania
--Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
--Charleston, South Carolina
--Nashville, Tennessee
--Dallas, Texas
--Denton, Texas
--Ft. Worth, Texas
--Houston, Texas
--Fairfax County, Virginia (multiple locations)
--Green Bay, Wisconsin

In South America:
>Bauru, Brazil
>Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
>Buenos Aires, Argentina
>Santiago, Chile
>Cali, Columbia

In Europe:
>Massmechelen, Belgium
>Rijeka, Croatia
>Berwick-upon-Tweed, England
>Bristol, England
>Gloucester, England
>Hastings, England
>Paris, France
>Cologne, Germany
>Frankfort, Germany
>Hamburg, Germany
>Hercegszanto, Hungary (Magyarorszag)
>Bucuresti, Romania
>Murcia, Spain
>Oslo, Norway
>Drammen, Norway
>Bucuresti, Romania
>Murcia, Spain
>Antwerp, The Netherlands
>Maastricht, The Netherlands

In Asia:
>Phnom Phenh, Cambodia
>Changchun, China
>Changsha, China
>Hong Kong, China
>Madras, India
>Jakarta, Indonesia
>Tokyo, Japan
>Manila, Philippines

In Australia:
>Sydney, New South Wales
>Brisbane, Queensland
>Melbourne, Victoria

In Africa:
>Tunis, Tunisia

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