Saturday, February 10, 2007

White-tailed Deer in the White Snow

The beauty of a light snow is that all of the Colvin Run Habitat animals can clearly be seen. Not that this deer family – mother and her two young ones – are hard to see anyway. When they travel through the habitat, they always travel in a straight line formation.
We have followed this family of deer via blog posts since last September. The two young can clearly be differentiated by size. From my observations, I believe that the smallest is not really growing. When they crossed in front of me while driving my car this evening, the size of the smallest was clear, although I saw not signs of poor health.
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In some sad news, I believe that the dad was a victim of road kill in early December. With his rack, he was quite distinguished. The road kill was within a mile of the Habitat and from my observations was nearly identical to the photographed dad.

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