Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fox Observed - Fox Captures Squirrel

The Number 2 Colvin Run Habitat observer (aka, my wife Dot) had a wonderful experience this afternoon. She observed a red-tailed fox who had just captured one of the Habitat's numerous gray squirrels. No photos. But we previously posted some photos with a squirrel in the fox's mouth.

As our last fox post clearly showed an ill or injured fox, the question is was the Habitat signature fox observed or was a new fox observed today? Here are the observations:
>slightly smaller or the same size has the previous fox
>appeared to be in good health - no sign of illness or distress in his eyes
>no limp
>initially observed with the squirrel in his mouth, the fox put the clearly dead squirrel on the ground, looked around, picked the squirrel back up, and went on his way

We can draw no conclusion to answer the question of which fox was observed. We would be thrilled if the signature fox had survived and healed. On the other hand, if this is a different fox, the Habitat will have the pleasure of a new visitor.

We're hopeful that this fox will return and we can get some photos. There certainly is a lot of squirrel food (or is that squirrels for food).

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