Saturday, June 30, 2007

What a Day! Fox, Hawk, Deer and Others

Yesterday was one of those exceptional days in the Colvin Run Habitat.

Here is the report filed by the Number 2 Colvin Run Habitat observer:
>>Fox came out of the bush looked around, definitely not Freddy, younger, white tail and chest. By the time I got camera he had gone down into the brush.
>Fox was observed two times later in the afternoon - coming out of the bush, attempted to grab a squirrel, then into the brush.
>Hawk was also in yard today, landed twice by oak tree, pecked at the ground and than fly away. He was too fast for camera.

Freddy is her name for the signature Habitat fox. 'Bush' refers to the overgrown holly shrub that is behind the water tub and bird feeder - the winter home to many birds. 'Brush' refers the the area of tall grass and wild vines where last year Freddy hung out. Given the her description of the hawk, possibly the active red-shouldered hawk (who previously was photographed on the ground) or possibly the returning Cooper's hawk.
With this news, I spent the better part of an hour just watching hoping to get a photo of the new fox - no luck. But within an hour I did observe a wide range of bird types - the photos show a few. The number of woodpeckers - downy, hairy, red-bellied - easily exceed 30 in the one hour period.
At sunset, three deer came to through, eating as they went.
What a day!

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