Saturday, June 30, 2007

Woodchuck Fans Gather

Excitement grew exponentially this morning as word spread through the Colvin Run Habitat that the co-author of the future bestselling children’s book entitled Paw Pals: Big Adventures of Little Friends in a Big City was coming. The book will be the first of a series – and much better a series it will be than that one of the teenage magician that wears those black glasses – and will feature Woodchuck, the one-time resident of the Colvin Run Habitat who left to seek fame and fortune six winters ago. After the co-author, also know as Smatt, arrived from the Big Apple on a long, silver snake, he immediately visited the Camden Yard Habitat to the north in search of the black and orange birds that frolic in the grass there.
As you can see from this photo, the Virginia friends of Woodchuck gathered throughout the day in hopes of seeing just a glimpse of Smatt. There was no hope of seeing Woodchuck as the previous world traveler no longer travels, but prefers a life of seclusion on the island that is long. When future bestseller co-author, fresh from a game of cards with the nine figure fellows and a Hollywood visitor with the same name as the North River, finally arrived, he immediately began compiling the Colvin Run 400 – a list of the richest (measured in sunflower seeds, not green beans) residents of the Colvin Run Habitat.
To prevent rioting in the Habitat, the Colvin Run Habitat Blog paid top dollar to the paparazzi that frequent the area east of the Bridge that slopes to the Park for this second photo. While not the same as an in-rodent visit, perhaps this photo of Woodchuck will ensure peace in the Habitat until the book is finally published.

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