Monday, July 02, 2007

Raccoon Finally Photographed

Last November, I observed a raccoon while walking a visiting dog at 10 PM. I never imagined seeing, yet alone photographing, a raccoon.
So it was quite a surprise when we returned home this evening that I found a raccoon eating fallen sunflower seeds right under the bird feeder. The lighting conditions were poor at best as it was 14 minutes after official sundown.
The raccoon appeared to be in good health; coat seemed just fine. He saw us and made eye contact when I was taking photos from the porch. He then went about eating more seed. After taking these photos from the porch, I caught this last one (very poor quality) as I attempted to out flank the little guy. When I came from around the trees, he looked straight at me and did not move. Went I retreated, he waited for me to move out of sight, then he left.
What a great treat as I do not expect to soon again see this nocturnal creature.

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