Saturday, July 28, 2007

On the Road in Texas - Last Report

Before I show some last photos, there is one photo that I missed. While in Austin, I came face-to-face with what I believe was a great kiskadee. Wish I had gotten the photo, as from my references, finding this bird as far north as Austin is rare.
I am filing my last report of my 2007 trip to Texas.
Just a few last, but I think interesting, photos - all taken in the Lake Travis area near Austin.
The first four photos show two different butterflies. They will remain unidentified until one of you help out with an identification.
Also unidentified is this insect that was enjoying his lunch of another insert.
The butterflies and this insert were willing to pose regardless of how close I got.
And I cannot resist showing this cactus I found among the junipers (what Texans call cedars) and grass of the Hill Country.
Of course, when visiting Texas, you must take some photos of a longhorn. So here are my required photos of one Texas longhorn.
I would like to thank my hosts - friends and family - in Ft. Worth, Frisco (including the new Henderson Drive Habitat), Austin, and San Antonio for their hospitality.
In the next post, we return to Virginia and the Colvin Run Habitat. I have some interesting photos of late season, just hatched young .

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