Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On the Road in Texas - Bees and Butterflies

I am now back in Virginia, but still publishing photos taken on my just completed visit to Texas. When I took this first photo, I was only interested in the sunflower, the bee arrival was simply an accident.
These two butterflies were taken in the Henderson Drive Habitat. The first butterfly is a Pearl Crescent Butterfly, the small butterfly type photographed earlier in the Colvin Run Habitat. There is clearly some significant wear and tear seen in the trailing edges of this one's wings.
I am unable to identify the second butterfly, whose most interesting features are that when it lands on a branch, it brings its wings together as one and the underside visible when the two wings are together are tan. The result is a fully camouflaged butterfly - can you see it on the branch? Hint: it is hanging upside down, below and to the right of the green leaves (as always click to get an enlarged photo).

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