Sunday, July 15, 2007

On the Road in Texas: Yellow-crowned Night-Herons

I am on the road in Texas and thought that I would use this opportunity show some photos from a previous Texas visit.
These are Yellow-crowned Night-Herons that I stumbled across in San Antonio last spring.
While I am used to seeing heron fishing in ponds, streams, and even the Colvin Run Habitat, coming across them nesting in trees was a treat.
And whereyou find the Yellow-crowned Night-Herons nesting you will, most likely, find them nesting in a small colony. So imagine walking along. looking up, and finding two dozen of these herons working in pairs to prepare nests. I did not see any of them sitting on the nests, so I believe that no eggs had been laid.
The photos were taken in the late evening and I was surprised at how active they still were.
Although the tree tops provided very little gaps to see the sky, I managed to get this one photo of one of these magnificent birds in flight.
Remember to click on any photo to get an enlarged view.


  1. Three of the Herons have been spotted and photo'd in the North Hyde Park 'hood of Central Austin,
    3/29/09. Photos available on request.
    Can they eat possums?

  2. We have had 3 pair nesting in our neighborhood in Austin just north of the river and west of MoPac exprwy. They have been nesting here the last three years since 2008. Although, this year something is robbing their nests eggs. We have found several on the ground below their nests.

  3. Jimmie12:59 PM

    We have lived in the Wilshire Wood neighborhood around Airport Blvd and IH35 for 15 years. About eight or 10 years ago a couple of dozen pairs showed up and built nests throughout the neighborhood. They have come back every year since. I currently have two nests in my front yard that started out with a total of seven chicks. Early on, several were pushed or fell from the nests and died. There is a chick on the ground as we speak. Not sure if it can fly. The adult returned and seems oblivious to its plight.

  4. Jimmie1:06 PM

    Sorry, I failed to give today's date. 6/10/2011