Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On the Road in Texas - Henderson Drive Habitat

Always interesting to see other backyard habitats. This week I am visiting the Henderson Drive Habitat in Frisco, Texas. While small and simple, the Henderson Drive Habitat provides the essentials for the local bird population - food, water, and the beginnings of shelter and nesting spots via newly planted trees and shrubs. The Henderson Drive Habitat can also claim a front door nesting spot.
Daily visitors currently include sparrows and mockingbirds (the state bird of Texas). The observed local bird population includes mourning doves, sparrows, grackles, and killdeer.
In case you did not recognize it, this is the very common (across nearly all of North America) house sparrow.

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  1. Lesley3:07 PM

    Look at this little guy! He's checking out the free food and water supply. He is delightful.