Sunday, June 24, 2007

Toad Takes a Swim in the Habitat

The American Toad is observed in the Colvin Run Habitat from May through October but usually in the wet mulch of the gardens or on the driveway after a hard rain. So this is another first in the Habitat - this toad decided to take a swim in the large water tub/fountain.
Temperatures were in the low 90s when this guy took the dive. Guess he just needed to cool off.
What is a real mystery is how he got in - the tub us about 20 inches high. There is some wood that holds the water spout, but that would have required him to climb three steps.
As there is no way for this guy to get out once in, I eventually got him out and returned him to some wet mulch. Getting him out was a challenge as every time he saw me approach he dove to the bottom of the tub.
After we lost the chipmunk in the tub and now the toad had to be fetched out, maybe I need to build a ramp for critters to better come and go.

1 comment:

  1. Lesley9:56 PM

    Yes, a ramp for the little guys who like summer time swimming! Perhaps some special water wings for the even-younger members of the Habitat!