Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hummingbirds, Grosbeak, and Red-tailed Fox

In a great seven day period, the Colvin Run Habitat observed a new bird and welcomed back two long time visitors.

First, the hummingbirds returned last Sunday at the break of dawn (no new photos yet). Second, on Friday morning, a never before seen rose-breasted grosbeak joined the cardinals at the bird feeder (photos to follow in a later post). Third, this morning (Saturday), a red-tailed fox wondered through the Habitat. My wife came yelling into the house, I grabbed the camera, and by sheer luck caught 4 poor quality photos. One of the photos is posted above. Why is it that some of our most interesting wildlife comes when the sky is overcast and stays in the shade?

Regardless, exciting news that we have another fox in residence, hopefully.

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