Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ovenbird Seen for the First Time

Every once in a while I come across a bird that I have never seen (in your life) or that has never visited the Colvin Run Habitat. This week, I observed a sparrow-size, slightly olive colored bird with a distinctive orange and black striping on the top of the head. A quick look at the field guide indicated that the observed bird was an ovenbird, a thrush-like warbler that lives on the ground of mature forests eating insects. This bird gets its name from its nest which has a dome and side entrance - the nest looks like a Dutch oven.

Unfortunately, the ovenbird that I observed was dead, which is the reason that I have the photos lower in this posting. If you would rather not see photos of a dead ovenbird - read no further. This ovenbird was found on the ground, close to the porch. I assume that the ovenbird flew into the windows and did not survive the crash. Every once in a while, a cardinal will leave his body print on a window. Far less frequently, a downy woodpecker will knock himself out, but always recover.

Note the overall olive color, pink legs, and spotted breast.
The orange and black striping on the head is truly unique.

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