Thursday, May 15, 2008

Texas Mockingbird

I noticed that in a recent Google search someone was looking for photos of the Northern Mockingbird. So here are a few mockingbird photos taken on my March visit to Frisco, Texas.
Of course, we all know that the mockingbird is the state bird of the great state of Texas. So this posting is sent out to all my friends in Texas - kindergarten students at Ethridge Elementary School, the Library Services Staff in the Lewisville School District, and my fellow blogger who is now watching birds in Austin.
Interested in mockingbird chicks? See these photos from last year.

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  1. Our neighborhood is full of mockingbirds. We do not see them unless we walk on the road rather than the trails. They each have a little territory at by the driveway of a house at the road - in a bush usually. They sit on the mailboxes and sing. We have our own personal mockingbird that sits on our mailbox many hours a day. We put a solar house marker on top of the mailbox and the bird now sits on that!