Friday, May 30, 2008

Black Snake Visits Habitat - Then Comes in House

This black snake (aka, black rat snake) showed up a few days ago. My wife noticed him enjoying the warm of the direct sun, as well as the sunlight reflected off of the house siding.
When I saw him, I began considering the question where was he coming from before sunning himself.
The obvious, but very concerning origin, was inside the house.
Sure enough, as I approached him to take these photos, he began seeking his entrance.
As you can see from these photos, he slipped right in - I believe between the siding and the underlying plywood.
The snake stayed 'in the house' for about 30 minutes, then showed himself again. When he saw me, he slithered with considerable speed into the tall grass and brush.
To maintain domestic tranquility, when he returned the next day, I used the sharp blade of a shovel to ensure the this snake never is seen again.


  1. that was a big snake! i would not feel safe with it hanging out near my house either!

  2. I was really enjoying your pictures of the snake but was very surprised and saddened to find that you killed the snake. They are harmless and beneficial snakes.

  3. No doubt black snakes are beneficial and I certainly appreciate their help in keeping the mouse population in check. However, I drew the line at the snake coming and going into the house. You'll note in previous black snake posts, when they are just in the garage, they are encouraged out and then left alone.