Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Goldfinches (Wild Canaries) Confirm Arrival of Spring

These photos are for my colleague who mentioned that she noticed the goldfinches were changing colors.
I noticed yesterday that someone visited the Colvin Run Habitat Blog looking for pictures of wild canaries. Just a reminder that 'wild canary' is a name many times given to American goldfinches in their summer plumage. I previously posted photos showing the change of color in goldfinches.
In the Colvin Run Habitat, yesterday was the first time this season that a male goldfinch (sorry, the females stay in a dull, olive plumage) was observed in this 'wild canary' plumage. Like the arrival of the Bradford pear tree flowers, the bright yellow goldfinches are a sure sign that spring has really arrived.


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    i was so excited this morning to see a wild canary this morning at my kitchen window. What a beautiful site. Rohnert Ca. Christine 06/18/11

  2. I have a couple of photos I took this past Weds. at Chicago Botanic Garden, of what I believe to be the "Wild Canary," or "Goldfinch." If you are interested, I am on Facebook... bobinskokie@comcast.net
    I'd be interested if they are or are not in the Goldfinch family.
    Bob Eischen