Friday, April 18, 2008

A Walk Through the Habitat: White-Throated Sparrow

As I continued my walk in the Colvin Run Habitat (post 1 and post 2), I almost tripped on these white-throated sparrows. During this spring, these guys are out in significant numbers.
The white-throated sparrows are living in the holly bush in the Habitat that is adjacent to the bird feeders.
In the third photo I accidentally caught one sparrow munching down a white worm. As you can see in this third photo, the worm had already been munching on the Bradford pear tree leaf (the leaf has been eaten in half already).
As you can see from the fourth photo, the sparrows move along the ground by hopping. When observed from the second floor of the house, these sparrows look like field mice running across the mulch. Until this photo, I assumed that they ran across the ground. This photo shows that they clearly hop.
During April, we wake up to the constant song of the white-throated sparrow. I believe that the song is a communications between the sparrow on the nest and the sparrow not on the next.

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