Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Revisited: April 1st: Strange Happenings in the Habitat

Significant rain fell during the night. And sunrise yielded a never before seen animal in the Colvin Run Habitat. This never before seen animal has left me, well, speechless. Take a look at the first photo.

Yes, an American alligator right between the birth bath and the bird feeders. When the sun finally dried out the soggy lawn and the gator headed south.

LuLu paid a visit today as well. In a surprise display of courage, the little white dog from Texas took on the red tailed fox in an attempt to protect the squirrels when the fox made a charge. See the second photo.

After LuLu straightened the fox out, the two became best of buddies. See the third photo.

Oh, did I mentioned that it is April Fool's Day. Hope you enjoyed the fun!


  1. i love these pics! it made me think: whatever happened to the sick fox?

  2. Fun stuff. I love the photo of the fox!