Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Close Friend Returns

I mentioned previously that the Red Fox who was a constant in the Habitat from April through August had returned. But I offered no photographic proof.

Well, bigger than life, this close friend appeared again yesterday. In fact, I had just opened the window that is about 20 feet above the Habitat in order to photograph the cardinals, when I noticed him. He was just sitting on the lawn – yes sitting one his back haunches like a dog – not at all bothered by the noise of me opening the window.

So here he is – note the red fall leaves on the dogwood (this is not a photo from last summer).

He returned three times during the afternoon. Each time he took up the seat in the bush at the edge of the lawn that he enjoyed so much last spring and summer. In the last two photos, you can see him in his seat earlier this summer (the photo with the green summer leaves) and yesterday afternoon (the photo with the brownish bush). Clearly, this is the same guy.

It is good to have this close friend back in the Habitat.

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