Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yes, We Have No Hawk Photos

Well, it happened again. Another hawk visited the Habitat. This hawk came in and simply perched on top of the birdfeeder tree (the metal pole on which I hang various suet and thistle feeders). As I slowly approached the window, the hawk clearly was watching me as well as I was watching him. As I raised the camera, he flew away – oh! the pain! the agony!

But, here is what I can tell you. This hawk is not the hawk that has recently been observed in the Habitat. He was slightly larger than a blue jay and slightly smaller than a crow, with black-slate upper parts and light chest and belly. His yellow legs stood out in the gray, overcast day. Most likely this was a Cooper’s Hawk, but of course the Sharp-shinned Hawk looks nearly identical. The Cooper’s and the Sharp-shinned hawk different only in their size. The Cooper’s Hawk is crow sized, while the Sharp-shinned Hawk is blue jay sized.

Both these hawks are likely visitors to birdfeeders (see Feeder Hawks) especially during the winter months. Of course, neither is interested in the sunflower seeds nor other feed that I serve; rather both are interested in the smaller birds that I attract.

With my sincere apologies for not getting photos, I offer these links about watching hawks during the fall and the best places to see hawks.

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